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Our staff encourages open and honest feedback during all phases of our service.


We recruit talented people from a diversity of professions to address your needs.


We believe 100% service reliability is possible and never stop striving to exceed your expectations.

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The initial needs assessment enables our staff to obtain a deeper understanding your organization. The object is to identify the most qualified candidates that fit within your culture as well as have the right background and experience for your specific opportunity. We then work as partners with you, applying tested techniques and consistent feedback to stay on track and keep you up to date with our progress. Becoming familiar with your company's environment, makes the process easier.

Our efforts are strategically focused on a broadly targeted range of potential candidates, most of whom are not active in the job market. Career Alliance goes beyond the sphere of recruiting. We use all channels to ensure that we develop a diverse talent pool for your search; from our in-house database including a network of professional contacts, social networks, and Internet portals, we uncover the most talented and qualified candidates for your Short List.

Career Alliance provides impeccable privacy and confidentiality. We provide your organization a discreet search and selection process, where only a limited number of preferred candidates are approached. Our experts shall not disclose the name of the employer until the candidates affirms they are committed to your opportunity. Applying the highest standards of executive selection means your business results can be assured.

Career Alliance provides professional on the mark service every time. We have been pleased with their ability to provide just the right person for every search each time we have called on them for help. Their staff is in-tune with our needs, but more importantly, they listen extremely well.

For years Career Alliance has been the concrete prescription for all our employment needs. I found working with a Search Project Coordinator extremely invaluable in making sure the search got off the ground in a timely manner and maintained momentum throughout the process. Working with this professionally skilled agency has been very rewarding.

Identifying and selecting candidates, management reporting and risk management; thank you very much again for your efforts. I appreciate very much all you have done to support our programs.

When I worked with Career Alliance I received the utmost service from everyone there.



This firm is loaded with consummated professionals to help you find employment fast.



Very reliable and accurate regarding career assessments; I've been fortunate to work with them.

Pat Jones, Executive Director

Elena Fontaine, MFT

Ms. J. Feinstein 

Lance Hyde, Director Diversity

Mr. P. Sasso 

Ms. M. Jade