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Whom to entrust with the task of securing your next CFO? Do you engage a recruiter, a headhunter, or a consultant? What are the criteria to evaluate in order to ensure a successful search? These are the issues that concern you, not to mention that the vitality of your company is on the line.  We can help find the answers and assist you.





Since 1985 Career Alliance has been committed to providing personalized service. Our success record has enabled us to maintain quality relationships with all our clients.


When you take advantage of our service, recruitment becomes our responsibility. Our thorough screening methods assure you of receiving only qualified candidates, experienced in their fields, covered by our performance guarantee.


Career Alliance is a high-quality business with an unquestioned reputation for integrity and respect for all people. We believe 100% service reliability is possible and recognize people as our most important asset. At Career Alliance, we understand a personality fit is just as important as work abilities.

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We simply seek out the best qualified person for your position. We are in a constant search for the very finest, most dedicated, highly motivated, and uniquely skilled candidates for your business.

With our vast talent pool, we help you maintain a workforce that is adaptable to ever-changing market conditions. We go to great lengths to understand not just your business model, but also your local market conditions - the economy, regulations, and common practices. With this kind of attention to detail, we can complete most searches promptly.

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Within the 1st three to five weeks, you are presented a Short List of targeted candidates for your review. The list is refined and used to recruit, assess and evaluate candidates.

Our consultants search, methodology, and selection, are in accordance with your requirements and assessment of your professional settings during the active search phase.

Time is of the essence - most searches are concluded within 9 to 12 weeks of contract signing.

To be known as a high-quality business with an unquestioned reputation for integrity and respect for all people. Therefore, we rely on the model of total transparency - an honest way of doing things so that all parties know exactly what the objectives are through all phases of the search. As such, Career Alliance shall establish, nurture, and maintain a harmonious relationship among clients, candidates, and Career Alliance.

Our candidates and clients are the life force of our business. In order to serve them better, we observe the Golden Rule and treat each client and each candidate the way we prefer to be treated.

Always ask, "How can we continue to help our clients grow their business?"

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EXPERIENCE extensive experience in "C-Level" searches as well as targeted services for those situations that require "uniquely" talented individuals. EXTENSIVE NETWORKS wide-ranging professional networks among prospective candidates and sources. DIVERSITY Career Alliance is committed to identifying diverse candidate pools. We take particular pride in our strong record of success in placing women and people of color. CUSTOMIZED RESEARCH on every search, we conduct original and customized research and analysis based on the needs of the client. BEST PRACTICES standard approach and methodology focusing on the four phases of the search process: preparation, recruitment, evaluation, and selection. FLEXIBILITY we provide a wide variety of engagement options to ensure that you have the best team in place to address your staffing needs. CLIENT CONFIDENCE many clients have demonstrated their confidence and satisfaction by asking Career Alliance to carry out multiple searches.