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Contingency Search

Career Alliance can assist you in finding middle level professionals on a contingency search basis. We will attempt to maintain the same level of support as a retained executive search, however, there are significant differences in our contingency search approach. Specifically, the assigned consultant's focus is on getting potentially qualified applicants in front of the client so that the client can make his or her own final assessment.


Working on a contingency fee basis; each order we receive must be balanced against all other orders currently available to us and, because the relationship is nonexclusive, applicants we contact may be presented to more than one client.


Professional fees for our services are based on one-fourth of the total first year's cash compensation. For calculation purposes, cash compensation includes base salary and any bonuses paid during or at the conclusion of the first year.


After the completion of the search, should the actual compensation differ from the initial estimate, we would adjust the fee portion of our final invoice, to reflect the actual compensation.


You will be charged a fee only upon successful placement of an applicant. Any and all incidental expenses incurred in the recruitment and placement of an applicant shall be open to negotiation between Career Alliance and the client.


NOTE: if an applicant is hired by your company or any of its affiliates on a permanent, contract or consulting basis at any time within one year of the date the applicant is submitted, we will bill you for the full professional fee as outlined above.