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Building relationships is the key to promoting your employment opportunities. Many jobseekers network with us for exposure to career opportunities that they might not learn about otherwise. They know that most employers do not advertise the positions they hire recruiters to help fill, which are typically a firm's most senior and highest-paying.

Retained search services are utilized to identify highly-compensated candidates. The fee is negotiated and divided into four phases: 1) at the beginning of the search, 2) after candidates are qualified for a "Short List", 3) presentation of finalist, 4) after successful candidate is hired.

Contingency search services are utilized for all types of positions, with some exceptions, when retained search would be better. Fees are charged only when you hire a referred candidate. This type of service may be exclusive or not.

Executive Search Strategies

Putting it all together

You can expect a lot from us. During more than 30 years in business we have gained experience working with all major business sectors, all around the world. We believe that our experienced consultants can offer unique insight into your employment opportunity for potential candidates.

Contingency Search Strategies

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Business leaders know that the labor market is set to change considerably in the coming decades. The ability to attract, engage and retain top-flight talent is crucial to the future success of any ambitious organization. Career Alliance will promote your brand to ensure congruence with our candidates.

Comprehensive and repeated research has confirmed the obvious-organizations that attract, motivate and retain their staff effectively outperform those that do not.  We know that truly successful companies hire the right capabilities and talent at all levels. We help provide the talent to take your organization into the future.

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- consultative, research-based and solution oriented approach

- total transparency is a hallmark of our process

- strict code of conduct regarding Professional Practice Guidelines

- comprehensive reporting (resume, references, interview)

- committed to saving you time and money

- Coach Me 'Career Assist and Job Interview Preparation'

- assist in developing your personal brand

- innovative resume / CV development

- ability to selectively network with top-flight recruiters

- gain access to the "Hidden Job Market" of unadvertised positions

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* Discretion and confidentiality

* Research from Long List to Short List

* Consultative, solution-oriented research

* Experienced professionals relate to your needs

* Executive search is quality-motivated

* Professional guarantee of candidate success