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Executive Search

Professional fees for our services are based on one-fourth of the total first year's cash compensation. For calculation purposes, cash compensation includes base salary and any cash-signing bonus and performance-based bonus that is paid during or at the conclusion of the first year. After the completion of this assignment, should the actual compensation differ from the initial estimate, we would adjust the fee portion of our final invoice, to reflect the actual compensation. In an effort to assist our clients in preparing a budget for the search, we are open to conducting the search on a "fixed fee" basis.


Our expenses are billed separately for travel, advertising and express mail. All expenses are fully reimbursable, billed at cost (including taxes), and prorated whenever possible. Expenses vary greatly with each search depending on frequency of meetings, amount of advertising, etc.

Additional services such as those of a private investigator to perform extensive background investigations beyond our reference checking can be arranged through us but would be charged directly to you.


In addition, to cover other more difficult-to-track expenses such as postage and internal telephone, fax, communication charges, photocopying, research and report production, we charge a non-refundable Engagement Administrative Support fee of $5,000


The professional fee is billed upon the achievement of key milestones. Bills are due and payable upon receipt. Our fees and expenses are not contingent upon our success in placing a candidate with your organization. Interim fee payments are not refundable but are credited toward the fee due.


Once the fee has been fully invoiced, on further professional fees will be billed until the assignment has been concluded. However, we will continue to bill expenses monthly.


You have the right to cancel this agreement at any time, in which case the only obligation is for the accrued fees and expenses.