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Job Interview Coach Pass

You receive: A Series of (5) 60 minute Sessions devised to address your weaknesses and how to overcome them.


Overview of all interview methods, including; phone, in-person, panel, behavioral, situational, and competency based. We provide insight on what most companies want in candidates and what the "Right Fit" means. Training on methods for handling in-person, group/panel, or phone interviews. Techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing confidence, and projecting the "Right Fit" image.


You receive training on how to answer tough behavioral, situational or stress interview questions. Best answers to standard questions like, "tell me about yourself", "what are your greatest weaknesses", "where do you see yourself in five years", etc. In addition, best answers to explain gaps in employment and job changes.


* Unique methods to set yourself apart from others.


* How to structure answers to questions using the 'PAR' method: Problem - Answer - Results.


* Methods for demonstrating how you will "add value" to the company.


To ensure your mastery of these skills, your coach will subject you to a series of mock interviews followed by feedback and coaching.