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"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." 

Bobby Unser 

A successful career starts with the creation of a career vision statement. A statement that will motivate you to take steps necessary to create short and long-term goals and objectives with practical strategies to proactively build the career of your desire.


Our Career Coaching Approach facilitates an ongoing dialogue to help you define your goals and preferred methods to achieve success. You can make wise career decisions based upon information you learn about yourself after completing a comprehensive Career Assessment. Find out the occupational clusters that are well suited to you and tailor your job search strategy to receive career-oriented results.

Career Coach

Job Interview Coach

If you get the interview "the job is yours to lose", since no hiring manager will spend the time interviewing someone that they don't think is qualified on paper. If you're not hired, it could be that you did not interview properly and actually convinced the company not to hire you.


Interviewing, like any skill, takes practice, repetition, feedback and coaching to develop. Your coach has interviewed thousands of applicants and knows the many errors that you could make before, during and after the interview. We can help you avoid these errors and present your qualifications effectively to convert your next interview into a job offer.

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Your brand is your reputation. It's your calling card. It's what you're known for and how people experience you. It's about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it. Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open doors to new opportunities. With our help, you will create an unforgettable brand to keep you in the forefront of any employment competition.

Be prepared for your next interview with the help of an expert interview coach who is an experienced HR Executive. Your Job Interview Coach has interviewed and hired thousands of candidates on all levels, across all divisions and specializations. They know first-hand what it takes to get hired and can teach you how to handle tough interview questions. Through practice and repetition you can develop a winning interview style that will enable you to receive the offer each time you complete the interview process.

With LinkedIn fast becoming the most successful tool to finding jobs and candidates in today's market, having a LinkedIn Profile that is highly visible and effective is now critical for a successful job search. We will design and effective, web-friendly and network-ready LinkedIn Profile that's ready for your use as soon as it is received.

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Career Coach

Job Interview Coach


    1. Career Assessment . . .


    2. Create a vision . . .


    3. Set goals . . .


    4. Develop an action plan . . .


    5. Take action . . .

I couldn't have gotten the job without your support. I will highly recommend your services to my friends. Thank you.  Glenn H.


I was getting lots of rejections because of my poor interview skills. My coach effectively tutored me on the best ways to interpret job descriptions and use them to prepare for interviews. Emanuel B.


Honestly, if it wasn't for coaching, I wouldn't have gained the confidence and skills necessary to get through some tough interviews. Donna N.

Coach Me Program

Career Coach Pass                   $550.00 

Career Coach to assist in creating your Career Vision. Build your Personal Brand and set your career in motion.

Job Interview Coach Pass      $550.00 

Master the job interview process. We provide a Personal Trainer to hone your interviewing skills.

Coach Me Total Pass                $950.00 

Unlimited access to both Career Coaching and Job Interviewing Preparation until you are hired. * Appointment Only Basis

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