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Our Approach

Career Alliance is a leading professional executive search and consulting services agency to medium and large enterprises. The essence of the Executive Search process is that executive candidates experience a discreet, professional, targeted channel of communication with our consultant on your behalf.


Search and selection for top talents


The search process is conducted by a staff specialist thoroughly briefed on your business. It is these competent, highly skilled and experienced specialist who identify target candidates and gage their interest in the opportunity you offer.


Career Alliance works closely with your prospective new executive - providing a tailor-made service focused, on securing the perfect strategic match.

From your initial consultation; identification and recruitment of viable candidates; candidate assessment and evaluation including initial reference checks; we maintain complete transparency with all parties.


Our personalized individual approach to each client allows us to find solutions based on a deep understanding of business and customer challenges, its core competencies and opportunities for success.


Credibly representing you, your leadership demands and your opportunity is critical to your success.